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The District on howard

   Is a location for your restaurant, nightclub or retail shop on Biloxi's Gulf Coast in the future? The numbers say, "Yes!" Indeed a spot here at The District On Howard would be very lucrative. Let us just take a look at the numbers. 


  Pensacola, Florida has 2.68 million visitors per year bringing in a total of $787 million in tourism evenue. Conversely, Biloxi has 5.7 million tourists per year and receives $1.5 billion in tourist revenue. Tourism revenue in Biloxi is double that of Pensacola. 


  Taking a look at Mobile, Alabama we find that Mobile has 3.4 million vistors per year which, in turn, brings $251 million in revenue. If we compare that to the Biloxi numbers we see that the Biloxi tourism revenue is 5 times that of Mobile. 


  Looking at Baton Rouge, Louisiana we see that 4.37 million visit Baton Rouge per year and a total of $875 million is generated in revenue. Again, Biloxi numbers double that of Baton Rouge with our $1.5 billion. 


  Taking these numbers and considering that The District on Howard is located just one block off the beach, surrounded by casinos and other recreational venues (such as The Home of The Biloxi Shuckers' MGM Park, Bay Breeze/Great Southern Golf Courses, museums, shopping, fishing and a military base) The District On Howard is the new dining, shopping and living area of Biloxi! Our premiere "Live, Work and Play" community has 230, 000 sq feet of boutique shops, local breweries and music venues along with 330 residential units accompanied by 20,000 sq feet of office space. 


  Don't just lease a space, find your place here with us at The District On Howard!